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if you had an extra ****ty guitar lying around that you could afford to smash at a gig, would you, and during what song? i have a cheap fernandez and that thing would meet the floor while my band plays "writing on the walls" by underoath.

Crabedit: **your gig is on concrete and the crowd is far enough back to not get hit with flying parts.
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you might damage the floor, or hurt someone with flying parts...

but if you are not such a douchebag as someone with a flaming mic. then it might be very cool yeah.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

Nah. I wouldn't. It's sort of a gimmick nowadays.

EDIT: And also, it kinda makes you look like a douche if you aren't famous already.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

i would ask someone who owns the venue if you can first, just to make sure it is ok with them.

also, like said earlier, be careful to not damage the floor too much so you dont have to pay for what your break, and in case parts go flying into the crowd and hurt someone.
My bands last song in our setlist is a medely in Ebmajor, which then modulates to Emajor, and I would WRECK that guitar if we could ever get a stage that I could swing it back in, and destroy it.

My old band had a mental punk song in our setlist, I wanted to do it but our lead guitarist stressed no
Unless you are Pete Townshend, DON'T DO IT DOUCHEBAG!

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it makes you look like a ****. if you do it, it makes you look like you can afford to trash your guitars. you could in fact sell your guitar and use the money. it's a waste, even if its a crap guitar.
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no it makes you look like a ****, and destroying a guitar, even if it's ****, is not cool.

EDIT: Beaten to it :P
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yeah obviously it's not cool. why waste a guitar? even if it's cheap?

unless it's a tom delonge signature.

bust that bubblegum pink crap.
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No it's pathetic and stupid.

I have no respect for people who smash guitars. Yes, even Pete Townsend.
I wouldn't do it at a gig. I'd just do it at home..
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Guitars are only smashable if they have some way offended you recently, such as if your Fender makes fun of your stage attire, or say that you smell, it's getting a smashing. But doing it just to be cool!? WHAT! NO WAY! Guitars are awesome, they don't deserve it unless they themselves are being jerkasses
Saw Townshend do this both at The Oval and in the Marquee Club. Both times he switched his SG for some piece of junk that only had one screw in the neck joint, and that was sawn most of the way through. Guaranteed to break off at first hit.
Then it was showmanship. Now it looks silly. You have to have originality, or in the case of Mr Hendrix, teeth that stuck out.
I knew a guitarist who got bored with slinging his Strat behind his head, so one night he did it to the singer.
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IF i wanted to, and it's a huge IF, i would probably get a very ****ty squier, mod it with pickups for the show, and i'd probably use it to play Bodysnatchers 4 Ever by Leathermouth. I know its not a hard or impressive song, but i enjoy the song and the screamo, and I definately like how the song changes my attitude so that i'm pissed off enough to smash the squier, then take the pickups and repeat. lol
If you prepare yourself before you do it, you suck. If you plan ahead, you suck. It's got to be a spontaneous thing, because the gig has built so much energy that it's the only way to not have an anti-climax ending. And if you do it to often, like Pete Towsend Or Kurt Cobain, or whoever else, people just come to your shows to watch you smash stuff.

Also, there's a gay stereotype people who know nothing about music have, that all rock bands smash their guitar at the end of every song, and if you smashed yours, it would only further this misconception.

Oh, and I'd be playing paper cuts by nirvana, or helter skelter by the beatles.
All thos who damage guitars should be burned.
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donate it to your local music charity. i would. you could start up the next kirk hammet

*raises flameshield*
I wouldn't smash it, I would just go a bit nuts with the guitar and drag it across the floor and ****, kinda like Stevie Ray did in Third Stone From The Sun, only not that extreme.
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If you really have to ask, youre just plain not rock n' roll enough to pull it off. If you were, youd just smash it, and not ask for permission or opinions. ROCK N ROLLLLL

Kidding'd be badass.
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I would do it with a guitar hero guitar.

Just to be a jackass.

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this would probably be the best to smash it to, i'd say even better than 'my generation'. but i would feel like an idiot. try just throwing it up and catching it and if it falls, then smash it... or light it on fire.
something really REALLY mellow! smash it after covering What I Got by Sublime! or Mr. Jones by Counting Crows!
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um, if you are gonna do it and ignore us, at least make sure that nothing flies, and that you have thought of a worst case scenario.

but in all seriousness dont do it.
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Well, once I get a new guitar, Im planning on lighting my Squier on fire during a gig.

Not sure how Im going to do it yet. Because Id rather not completely ruin the guitar.
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