I have to get 1 or 2 pedals very soon or I'll explode. The problem is that theres so many choices and I can't decide. I know I'd like a new Fuzz something with lots of thick scruff. I'd also like to get either a clean boost or a transparent compressor.

My budget is around $200 and I'll be spending it on Ebay. I need you guys to help me. Ive been looking for days now and I still havent decided. I play Blues, Rock, Doom, Stoner Rock/Metal, Thrash and Death metal. I open to suggestions but I have a list of pedals Im looking at please select 2 for me. I'd like to buy boutique if that helps.

Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz
DeviEver Anemia
Death By Audio Fuzz War
Earthquaker Devices Hoof/Tusk Fuzz
Catalinbread V8 Fuzz Tone Generator

ProTone Thruster
Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso
Fulltone FB-2 Fat Boost 2
Homebrew Electronics Uno Mos Mosfet
MI Audio Boost N' Buff

Maxon CP-101 Compressor