ok lets see, I have an Epiphone les paul custom silverburst guitar with some modifications. It's in excellent shape, looks beautiul and plays really well, there is one tiny paint chip on the back of the headstock. You really have to see it in person, to see how nice the finish is. It has a new wiring harness and pots with new pickups, a seymour duncan pearly gates on the bride and the pro II alnico on the neck. I also have new all black Grover machine head tuners, and the dunlop strap locks. The guitar plays excellent, oh ya it also comes with a black epiphone case. These guitars sell between $650 and $699 online,I'm only askin $400 and you get all of the above, call or text kevin at 602 625 2063

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if you're interested in trades i'm trying to get rid of my blackheart mini stack (upgraded tubes) and MXR carbon copy for a MIM strat or LP, and i wouldn't mind havin' your LP if you're interested!
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Any interest in a 6 week old, practically mint Ibanez S320SP with a red chameleon finish?