Are you asking for us to suggest you a jazz guitarist with jazz songs to learn? Or are you asking us for a shredder?

Or a shredder who plays Jazz style?

Shredder who plays Jazz/Fusion style:

Eric Johnson
Your inquiry is a tad confusing, but maybe the Screaming Headless Torsos will appeal to you for jazz-fusion

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Guthrie Govan, if you can pull it off.

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Guthrie Govan, if you can pull it off.
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Eric Johnson plays a variety of jazz-fusion rock, etc. Give him a try, if you think you're up to it. I'm sure you could.
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buckethead perhaps?
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Mmm, so many good ones.

Maybe Manhattan if you're up to it. I love that song, it's a beauty.

East Wes is pretty jazzy - it's his tribute to Wes Montgomery if I am not mistaken.

Check out some songs of his on YouTube or something. I would recommend Manhattan if you can nail it.
Look for him performing Manhattan during G3... it should be the first video or so - think it's from 1996 or something. Really good.
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Ok I´m hearing it but I´m looking for something more shred oriented

Oh, I see... well, I guess there are other EJ songs.

You'll just have to look around. I dunno if Zap is really jazzy, but damn, it's awesome.

EDIT: If you want to shred... uh, why not just do shred? Do you gotta mix it up or something?

In any case, Desert Rose is pretty bad ass.


Lots of improv in this version, the CD version isn't this intense, but still, worth looking at.
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Ok I´m hearing it but I´m looking for something more shred oriented

You aren't going to find shred with Jazz. You can find songs that are Jazzy with some fast licks, and so then you need to just start looking into Eric Johnson more if you're still interested in him.

East Wes
Western Flyer

Just go with East Wes.



If you're still looking for more shred into a jazz song, then maybe you shouldn't be looking for a jazz song with shred, but a shred song with jazz influences?
dunno if hes jazz but Bo Diddley?
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Allan Holdsworth, if you can handle it.
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