So, this is a new song from me. It´s titled "Slow Dance in a burning Building", because I personally think the title fits the mood very well. It features the classic 12 bar blues scheme in B, as well as a Modal Interchange to B Dorian in the Chorus. The Verse/Solo bit is meant to be a 2/2 scheme, which means that the singer sings 2 bars, and then the guitar solos over 2 bars. I´m willing to do C4C, but as always, please leave me a link to your song in the thread, and please write a decent crit and not just "Whoa, sucks."

I recomment to keep the RSE off while listening to the song, but for the RSE-fanatics, I made an RSE mix.

Have a nice listen!
Slow Dance in a burning building.zip
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similar title to John Mayer there =]
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Now, I don't know a lot about scales/modes but I'm jealous of people who can write Jazz/Blues.

I don't have RSE, and the bass won't be clear because of laptop speakers.
I am not very keen on the 5h6p5h6p5h6 part. That's the only part of the song I have a problem with. It's a nice, chilled song and those hammer-ons took the mood away from me, a bit.
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title doesn't seem to flow off the tongue very well.

How about something like "Slow Dancing In a Burning Room"

oh wait...
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Dude this is really right work!

i love the way you used the bass to accuentuate the beat. the chords from the guitar were quite awesome! im not a blues/jazz reg but i have heard some and this song i really liked!

the drums felt a little to repetitive so maby if you can add some more fills

over all great work!!!
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I don't think I've ever heard this style before, but liked it, very relaxing and laid-back, but a bit repetive, though vocals would fix that up
I like the jazz aspect of the song but I thought the slides throughout the song were a bit repetitive and honestly a little annoying. Maybe it was just the GP simulated jazz guitar but I really had a hard time enjoying those slides. I liked the progression though. It was really smooth and an easy listen for sure. So I like the style and I like the progression of the song but I think the slides should be cut down a little and it is pretty repetitive.

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