I’m just curious as to how I might go about doing this. Life without a band is unimaginable and therefore, when I’m off to University next year I will probably try to get a new band together.

Problem is, I’m not so sure how. I don’t want to go around looking for potential members so early in the term - I just get the feeling a lot of people will say their interested when they’re not, or say they’re great when they’re barely good.

Forming my current band was easy because we got together via our music class and had a good idea of each others’ ability and influences. At Uni I won’t really have that sort of environment to “discover” potential band mates - and I really wouldn’t want to have try-outs or anything like that.

Surely loads of UGers have done this… what’s the best approach?
I joined a rock music society and found my first uni band there, however my current band I actually found on here, someone put up a musician ad, and we went from there, just meet people, look around some music playing societies i'm sure you'll be able to find other people looking for the same thing
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Universities are generally full of young people, which means that at least a percentage will be young musicians. Do the standard band startup stuff - post fliers, hang out at the local music shop, etc.

It's much easier to start a band on-campus than it is in the 'real' world.

What I did was post an advert a month in, and I had a pretty decent group together within two weeks, sans a drummer.

If your university does a music performance course, that's a bonus!
Any university has tons of people hanging out on campus, and you will inevitably see a ton of guys playing guitars. Strike up a conversation, or better yet, carry your guitar around with you and ask if they want to jam. I never started a band that way, but I met some new people and had some good times doing that.
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there's generally some form of music club or society that might be your best bet

this theres usually a crap load of clubs/societies at uni seek out the ones that are musical (choirs/mixers/guitar tutors/various bands (brass,rock,acapello etc etc)) and ask around/leave flyers and so son
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well finding people that play instruments isn't difficult, however finding people with the talent level, or that will be reliable and comitted to the band is a little more difficult, as it stands now, I have about 8 people that come over to jam on a regular basis, and several of us are multi-instrumental so we can play along with each other well and stuff but we havent had a band come out of it yet,

good luck
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