hi ive done a fair share of reading the past few weeks about diode switches and would it be as easy as taking out the original diode soldering wires to the middle poles of a dpdt switch and then soldering a diode across the top and bottom poles? also which side is positive on a diode? the striped side or the other? like the attached photo?
also can anyone tell me how to pull this off with a rotary switch?
d switch-400.jpg
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Striped is negative. Also, what are you trying to achieve, switching between two diodes?
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Striped is negative. Also, what are you trying to achieve, switching between two diodes?

different tone?
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you don't need 2 poles. one of the diode connections can be common for all diodes. the other one goes to the switch.

rotary is just expanding on the same idea. the pole goes to the connection in the circuit and each throw connects to the diode you want to select in that position.
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wait, what? im a bit of a noob to this although ive been in electronics for a few years. so what you were saying is all the positives can share one pole aslong as the negs all have seperate poles? like the attached image? like what im trying to say is inside pole can have all positives soldered and then the outside has all the negs on seperate poles?
rot switch-400.jpg
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Rotary switch is wrong.

The common of the rotary goes to the cathode. All the diode's anodes go to the anode offboard. Cathode of the diode is obviously connected to the rotary.