I think that is pretty normal. Get a longer cable and stand as far away as you can facing away from the amp. What guitar and pups do you have? How old is your amp? Try a different guitar your amp. Also take your guitar to GC or something and play thru one of their SChamps to be sure.
I just re-listened to the recording and realized the sound is pretty hard to hear. It's a lot more prominent in real life. It sounds almost like the glass of the tubes shaking or resonating or something, and on different notes it varies in how loud it is.

I just got the amp this Christmas, and my guitar is a Epiphone G-400 with stock pickups.
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My old one did that, I got a replacement.

They said it's usually one of 2 things:

The baffle holding the speaker is kind of loose and vibrating, moving it out and away from the front of the amp and reattaching it is supposed to solve the problem, or maybe just check the screws.

The other thing is an issue with the dsp. Take it to the nearest tech, they'll get you a new one from Fender, you don't have to pay for shipping or anything except the tech fees.
This thread is old as hell, but the problem is persisting. I think it might be tube rattle, but I've never heard any other examples of that to compare it to. It's a high-pitch glassy/metallic resonating, louder on certain notes than others.
On medium to high volumes I also get a deeper buzz (mostly audible on clean voices) that sounds like the cabinet vibrating. The combination of both of these problems makes it basically impossible to get an acceptable clean tone ninety-nine percent of the time.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
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Just tested it, no microphonic tubes.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.