I know you probablly get lots of theses questions but Im looking for a new guitar I have £450 to spend could possibly go to £500.

I just returned my Yamaha Pacifica 612v because of a vibrating sound when playing the high ends towards all strings, apart from the first two. It went back to the shop twice then back to Yahmah HQ once still no luck and what is weird I went to a guitar shop I tried a Ibanez(£200) and Les Paul (£1500) they all had this sound to it ... I suppose they weren't set up.

So Im looking for an Ibanez (anything else I suppose as well, no Yamaha though). I was looking at the S470 but the tuning locks make it really difficult to tune so done of that nonsence please. Looking for black, or sunburst kind of colour (BK, BST, VLS)

Any suggestions thanks
the ibanez prestige series with edge pro floyd rose are amazing

also Schecter make good guitars
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may i suggest a HSS Strat?
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