Hey guys. Might sound like a total n00b here but oh well.

I came into posession of this guitar off a friend about 5 years ago for £30. An absolute steal. She plays like a dream (or did at least...). Right from day one though, neither me nor the guy I bought it off knew much about it. It had been handed around and I'm not entirely sure how he came to posess it.

Anyway, I made the mistake of leaving in a student flat and someone snapped the neck at some point (and tried to cover it up with a horrible super-glue job to make matters worse, puting the neck beyond professional repair).

It looks like it's probably had some modifications done over the years but here's the basic set-up.

take a look at the pic for more info. I'll try and get better close-ups, but it's the best I have just now.

Telecaster-shaped hollow body with f-hole (black, though not sure if that's original
Three single coil pickups (looks customised...one filled with sealant too....:S)
5-way switch selector
String-through body
Silver hardware
White scratchplare (with a unque shape, see the pic)
Clear plastic knobs with black inside and the numbers etc marked in white.
Screwplate neck (with 'made in Japan' written on it, nothing to base this on but i assume thats original right?)

And the top-end. This is where it gets even more puzzling:
The neck is maple, looks quite old. Not sure if it's the original. It's a very small neck (by which i mean very thin and light).
Black dot inlays
The name at the top says 'Custom' in a sort of fake mother-of-pearl type material, in itallic, joined-up writing.
The machine heads are deffo not original as I can see the fileld hole for the old ones. They say 'Made in Germany' and have a sort of squiggly 'S' logo (from what it looks like, although it could be an abstract musical note or J....)

Seems somewhat of a frankenstein from what I can tell. I'll probably never know the history of the instrument. I don't suspect it was ever an expensive guitar, but it has been customised and set-up to play like a pretty nice little number.

anyone got any ideas about the guitar or any of its parts?

any help much appreciated
Guitar with logo 'Custom'.jpg
telecaster neck...


idk about the body and pickguard shape...
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Yeah. It's a tele shaped neck, but much lighter. (I have a fender telecaster myself, and have played a number of older ones, copys etc) It doesn't have a serial number on any part of anything either. I'm pretty certain none of it is legit fender.
I've identified the machine heads as Schallers.

They say Made in W. Germany, meaning they were made somewhere between 1949-1990.