My metal muff stopped working today. I use a one spot system to power my pedalboard. I took it apart, and everything looked fine. I put a 9v battery in it and it works fine. The one spot is working still on the other pedals...and I have one of the 9v clips that I use in my a/b box so I put that on the metal muff and tried it with the same plug on the one spot and it works that way too. The power input looks fine...and the connections on the inside look fine too. I'm stumped. Any ideas? If not I guess I can order another 9v clip and punch a hole in the metal muff box and power it that way with the one spot I'm just curious if anybody else has had similar problems?
Could it just be that plug of the daisy chain? I dont know man, that seems pretty weird.
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No I used the same plug to plug into the 9v battery clip that I'm using now...works fine. I have no clue, I'm stumped. All the solder joints look good on the inside where the adapter plugs into the board. Its not a huge deal...I can just order another 9V battery clip and use it that way.