im trying to use a slide in part of a solo for a song
its not a blues song or anything, pretty straight forward, rock song with the progression Am, G, D
think velvet revolver

i have no idea how to go about making a slide solo though
i know you have to be in open tuning when playing slide normally but this has to be in standard

also i think queens of the stone age and perfect circle do this well

any help?
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You can play slide in standard.
That's what I play slide in pretty much exclusively.
If you know the blues scale and how to solo with it, use that.
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stay on the top three strings because u have a minor chord on them
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The reason most people play slide in open tunings is that you can grab chords and scales without moving the slide so much. The reason that you don't want to move the slide so much is mainly because it makes a whole lot of noise when you do. If you're going to play in standard and are moving the slide around you need to dampen the strings you're not playing with your right hand. This takes a bit of work, there may be stuff on the web somewhere about it, have a look.
one of the reasons for open tunings is because theyre useful for intervals.

adjacent strings contain intervals of a major 3rd, a minor 3rd, a perfect 4th, a perfect 5th and major and minor 6ths if you skip a string.