Hey i am in a band called sights set at midnight or ssm for short. We are a metal band and if you like that stuff check us out at www.myspace.com/ssmrock
tell us what you think we would appreciate the feedback and add us. thanks!
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hey for any of you guys in the northern colorado, southeastern wyoming and south west nebraska area we are playing a battle of the bands in the atlas theatre in cheyenne wyoming on the 21 of febuary if anyone is interested... it starts at 4 pm and we play at 9:30 pm... thanks
You should go faster and use the pinch harmonic some more, that were the parts I liked most about your sample It Dies Today. I live in the Netherlands, so no chance of me being there to watch you guys, but good luck!
you guys are pretty good! I thought your guys name was kinda weird considering the genre of music though
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