Okay, so I need some opinions on this, hoepfully from someone that has tried this.

Anyways, this coming week I'm going into the studio with my band, but I need a good OD pedal to use from my bass, my guitarist's OD pedal robs my low end waaay to much so I've been looking at this pedal because A) I have one at the local music shop, because I don't have time for it to ship and B) It seems to have a good low end response, something most OD pedals don't have.

I'd be playing it thru a Hartke 120w Kickback, the amp I'm using my studio trips, as it has an amazing clean sound and great EQ, its Solid State by the way, will this OD pedal work okay with a bass and that setup? BTW, I don't need massive amounts of lows, I have alot of mids with my usual setting, but I need an OD that won't butcher my lows as bad as some other ones I've tried. (Metal Muff, Digitech Grunge and Boss Bass OD)

tl;dr, will a Bad Monkey OD work okay thru a SS bass amp for a midrange-heavy punch that will still have some bottom end beefiness. (BTW, I'm playing for a rock band, so I don't need metal levels of OD)
You could always buy a bass overdrive pedal. You'll very very rarely find a guitar pedal that doesn't rob low end.
I tried my Bad Monkey on my friend's SS (bass) amp with a bass, and it sounded like ****, to be honest. You have to have gain on max to even notice that there is gain and not just a muddier sound, and I tweaked it for long while.
Not recommended.
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Hmm what about the Badder Bass Monkey instead? They sell on American eBay. Or you could mod the BM yourself?
Are you sold on Bad Monkeys? I don't recommend the Bad Monkey for bass, and if you're gonna buy through the internet, I recommend just searching around the forum and see what people think is the best option for a bass distortion pedal, go for it and hope for the best.
Buying a pedal that's not good for your sound in the first place, and then mod it and risk that it won't even sound better is not worth the time imo.
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VT Bass from Sansamp is the way to go.
Totally worth the price. Especially since it sounds just like an SVT that is thousands of dollars.
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