Anyone seen this movie? My girlfriend and I are going to see it tomorrow. I know it got really great reviews, won a bunch of Golden Globes and is nominated for quite a few Oscars. I've been looking forward to seeing it for a while and my part of the world just recently got it.

So...has anybody seen it? Does it really live up to all the hype?
I saw it...worst movie I've seen in a long time.
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It's great. Go see it.
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my uncle was on the editing team for it, look out for tommy kemplen in the credits. I haven't actually seen it though but I want to!
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i love that movie i saw it before it won anything and faggets were talking about it
but anyways yea good movie very powerful go see it
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I have heard good things about it but if it has much Bollywood style dance scenes then it won't be for me.
There's no Bollywood dances until the end credits. And that (there's only one) is distinctly separate from the rest of the movie.
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i love that movie i saw it before it won anything and faggets were talking about it

You're so cool.
I just got back from my year 12 retreat, and we watched it there. Its pretty good. I think. I missed the end because I was asleep. Some of my friends said they I didn't wake up even when they threw pillows at me, but I didn't think I even fell asleep.

The Freedom Writers was better, we watched that the night before.

EDIT: There's not really any bollywood style crap in it. There is a fair bit of violence though.
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I have a copied DVD of it in my bag, a guy at work did a load of copies and just gave us them. I've heard a lot about this movie. It was even in the pub quiz last night. It's everywhere I turn.

Reckon I'll put it on tomorrow as that pretence/background noise you need when you have someone over, and you both know you'll end up ****ing, but haven't said as much yet.

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I've never even seen a trailer for Slumdog Millionaire. What's it supposed to be about?

Same here. I have no clue.

Some guy who is poor but then gets rich, from what I can gather.
I personally preferred The Wrestler. I thought it was amazing.
I think Slumdog is a film that uses luck extensively as a plot device, and I think there is a limiting value to how often you can use this. Mickey Rourke's character in the Wrestler, on the other hand, could have been anyone.
I liked it.

It's about a poor 18 year old called Jamal who gets on the Indian version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionare?'. He is suspected of cheating and explains how he knew the answers by recounting moments in his life.
Its about a poor Indian guy who gets on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and wins 20 million rupiah. They think he's cheated and the movie starts with him being tortured to admit he cheated. Then he gets shown the recording of the show and a cop is asking him how he knew the answers. Each question goes into a flashback of his past and he knows them all because of stuff that happened from when he was a kid until he went on the show. That's basically it.
I thought it was fantastic, it lived up to the hype for me. Soundtrack is amazing as well.
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Really good film, saw it today. Definitely moving, though the ending is ****e.

Excellently directed though. Danny Boyle has got style. Sunshine is one of my favourite movies, and he also directed Trainspotting and Millions. Both very different veins of films, but very cool. The brothers in Slumdog reminded me a bit of the Millions kids too, hah.

It's a pretty great film, overall.
I really want to see it. Might be going up on Monday to watch it.
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The soundtrack is really good, and the film kept me interested throughout, well worth a watch.
One of the best fucking movies I've seen in a long, long time.
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Haven't seen it.. but if you didn't see it and like horror movies check out friday the 13th, its pretty scary but it has a stupid ass ending.. but whatever its a good movie.
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A few years ago I read the book it was based on.
They changed alot in the movie, didn't realise it was based on it until I saw it yesterday
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It seems like India is cool again.

By "India," of course, I mean the western view of India, the whole "OMG IT'S SO SPIRITUAL!!!!" thing.

The girl in that movie is hot though.
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Good movie, pretty powerful. No real messages in it... other than don't let **** get you down. Deserves the awards it got due to the competition it faced. Not in my top 5, however, I would recommend seeing it.
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I have heard good things about it but if it has much Bollywood style dance scenes then it won't be for me.

It's directed by Danny Boyle, so I hardly doubt it.

As for the topic: go and see it. It's a refreshing, original film and is definitely worth seeing. It's well directed, well scripted and enjoyable.
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seriously, it was pretty decent, but nothing spectacular at all.
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