Okay, so I need some opinions on this, hoepfully from someone that has tried this.

Anyways, this coming week I'm going into the studio with my band, but I need a good OD pedal to use from my bass, my guitarist's OD pedal robs my low end waaay to much so I've been looking at this pedal because A) I have one at the local music shop, because I don't have time for it to ship and B) It seems to have a good low end response, something most OD pedals don't have.

I'd be playing it thru a Hartke 120w Kickback, the amp I'm using my studio trips, as it has an amazing clean sound and great EQ, its Solid State by the way, will this OD pedal work okay with a bass and that setup? BTW, I don't need massive amounts of lows, I have alot of mids with my usual setting, but I need an OD that won't butcher my lows as bad as some other ones I've tried. (Metal Muff, Digitech Grunge and Boss Bass OD)

tl;dr, will the Bad Monkey OD work with a bass for a midrange, heavy punch that still has low end on it, or in other terms, will the Bad Monkey rob the low end of a bass. BTW, I have an good amp EQ and good EQ pedal if I have to add bass after the pedal's effect is on.

I'm posting this here because I need answers quick and the other thread in the Bass forum wasn't getting any replies,
Damnit, well, I'll probably test it at the store anyways, but if not It has some other OD pedals I could test. Or I could rent an amp from it, they have a nice Hartke all-tube model there.
I have friends who do that.

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I wouldn't do it. I'd want a clear bass tone for the recording. The studio can do things with the sound of your bass after it's recorded. It'll sound a whole lot different recorded than up front. Since it's solid state all the pedal will do is add gain to your bass sound. It's a tube overdrive pedal.

But with the gain knob you can add gain but all that is going to do on the recording is make it sound muddy.

To be honest if your guitarist is taking away your low end you need a better bass amp not an OD pedal. OD pedals work with the amps gain to work together with the OD gain. Gain on a bass amp is a totally different thing.
usually in the studio, at least if your going to a professional studio, you wont even use a bass amp. unless your playing some very classic sounding styles, you will be DI'ed.
i would use a Tube preamp (the studio will have one) and overdrive it for your dirty sounds
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Well, thanks for the advice, I went to the shop and found much better option, the Fulltone OCD thats made for bass, I can't remember the name, but its one thats susposed to be for bass, and I'm also renting a good bass head from that shop, as I already have a cab. And I don't use DI in the studio, I prefer micing.
you may prefer micing, but most engineers worth that know there stuff will DI the bass in the studio. its pretty rare depending on what style you play.
how do you like the OD pedal? ive never really heard a dirt pedal on a bass that sounded good other than that muff thats made for bass.
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