She had a dream that black people... and white people. (Okay sorry I just couldn't let that one go!!!)

Serious now...

We just put a band together, minus a vocalist which we are still looking for. Me and my bassist are pretty good friends and she knows alot of my random/perverted/offbeat jokes. She had a dream that our band was a big hit and we were playing for a ****load of screaming fans. She started to say somthing into the mic and I came up from behind her and grabbed the mike and just said into the mic in a deep voice "It's raping time" (one of my classic ongoing jokes). The fans screamed adoringly and then the dream ended. Also the dream didn't have singer.

So what does UG think of this? A glimpse into the future? I hope so!

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Bro, you needs you a streetsweeper. Huntin and defense right there.

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You, sir, are good.
How is talking about rape a classic joke? and reported, take this to the Pit or something.
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Serious now...

Are you absolutely sure about this? This is serious?