Im just starting out on an acoustic 6 string guitar and need some help.
Ive been looking around but had no luck.

Ive been trying to play Knocking on heavens door as ive heard its easy to learn. Now im pretty shore im playing all the right chords but there's a real rattling sound when i play...hard to explain and overall it sounds nothing like the actual chord i heard on youtube...

If anyone has any tips or answers that could help me here it will be appreciated.

The guitar is tuned with an electric guitar tuner just to throw that it..

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what version by guns n roses or bob dylan?

Bob dylan.

Sorry not sure what temp buzz is.

Too close to the neck?
The answer is...your fret is not only buzzing, the offending fret is actually high enough that it is changing the note higher than where you are fingering it. Move your finger up the offending string until it stops buzzing. That is where it needs to be tapped down. Suggest taking it to someone to do it right OR pawn the guitar off to another unsuspecting beginner the way it was pawned off on you and get a better quality guitar.
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