whats the best topic to pick for an important 5 minute oral i have to do.

1. Solar power is the only answer to our energy crisis.
2. Are sportsmen and women good role-model for our children?
3. Drastic measures must be taken to save children from obesity.
4. The United Nations is a toothless tiger in the modern world.
5. More must be done to combat violence in our society.
well number one is wrong... wind and solar can actually work together quite well.
number four is actually right but thats cus no one spends money right these days.
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8. Blow job. ololololol get it? Oral, blow job, right?

Bedit: Anyway, i say go with #2
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2..or 3..but then if you do 3 all the fat people will feel like crap..hahaha..but im tired of seeing fat ass 3 year olds..

2 michael vick..death..the black chick track starsteroid user..loser..all the ones who cheat on their wives..and mention some good ones too..
9. Rip out a 5 minute shred solo.
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You guys are quite mature. lol

4 and 5 could be linked together.

1 is good if you put more than solar power.
2 could be good because you can make an argument on both sides.

3 might be offensive to fatties, lol, but that's what I suggest because it is a major issue
in today's society.