I'm going to be getting a new amp tomorrow and I saw two amps that caught my eye, the first one was a used Roland Cube 30x($200CAD) and the other was a Vox Valvetronix VT15 XL($190CAD). So, I was wondering, which one is better? I play almost only metal, mostly Blind Guardian, Megadeth, 3 Inches of Blood, System of a Down, Metallica, and some other stuff. Now on top of massive amounts of distortion I would also like to be able to get a fairly warm slightly overdriven sound too, but whatever handles distortion better is my biggest concern. I mostly play guitar in my basement and I rarely ever play with or for anyone other than one friend who I jam with about twice a month. With my two options which one is the best?
The cube most definitely. The Vox is great for most things outside of metal. It can handle thrash metal, but nothing heavier. The Cube is great for metal, and it's clean channel is based on the Jc-120, the Amp Metallica uses for cleans.

Look at the Peavey Vypyr while you're there too, those are good metal amps.
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its a modeling amp thet has 6 METAL amp models

try to buy a sanpera II foot switch it gives you 400 more presets and 2 expression pedals..(wah) and it has a looper..........
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I know the Roland Cube has a huge varity of tones. The Peavey Vypyr has a nice assortment of distortion and metal and heavy rock amps. Almost 1/2 of the amps on the Vypyr are very metal based and all of them have a "Distortion" side of them.
cubes are awesome, perfect for metal, can't go wrong there, but can't go wrong with the vypyr either.
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