This summer, I have two options: I can stay at home and work for a local bank (probably working as a teller), or I can work at a camp in North Carolina.

I would make more money at the bank, which would be good since I don't have very much income during the school year, plus the work experience would look better on a resume for when I apply for an internship at an accounting firm next year, which would help me with a good career, etc.

The camp would be great for me health-wise, and I've been told I would make a really good counselor. It's less pay, but it's a basically a vacation with loads of activities, and it would be really good for me as a person.... which I really need. Also, I've got the rest of my life to work, so why not enjoy my youth while I can?

What would you guys do?

tl;dr: Work at an awesome camp this summer or work at a bank instead?
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Sorry gonna use your thing a little.. Can 15 year old's work? And (generally), what kinda jobs can we get?

Not that I know much of you and the jobs, but I'd say go for the bank cus it helps your future & cus you're gonna be doing bank-related stuff in the future.
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Go to camp. You've got plenty of time to work at a soul destroying job in the future. Plus you might hook up with a foxy lady counselor at camp.
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Uh can you smoke weed at camp? Probably not, so work at the bank and get a good future.
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Also, I've got the rest of my life to work, so why not enjoy my youth while I can?

You just answered your question smart-ass.