Hey everybody, this is a song that I wrote a while ago but I just added a few touches to. Anyway, I think it sounds a lot better It's a sort of neo-classical, metal piece. Correct me if I'm wrong on that, I'm no good at genres :P lol. Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think! Thanks!
Kinda mathcore-ish, I would say. Or tech-metalcore.
Lots of dissonant parts, and ahh!! A breakdown. Not too surprising.

You've constructed a decent song here. It's structurally well-composed for mathcore, which can either be seen as good or bad.
The breakdowns are my only gripe.

The introduction of the jazz guitar and the piano are nicely done. Very dark melodies. I like that.
I'm gunna regress back to the beginning, as I'm listening to this again.
The first couple riffs overpower the rest of the song, aside from the outro. That breakdown at measure 39 just kills the momentuem that this song has going for it. It does give a good transition to the melodic break with the jazz guitar, but I just disown breakdowns.
BUT, the triplet breakdown was nice. It was unexpected.

That's pretty much it.
This song has inspired to return to mathcore.
If you want to C4C, I got a couple songs that might interest you, in the Mein Comps link.
this is not my style, but i thought it was pretty good. the breakdowns disrupted it a bit though. the jazz guitar was good, and there were some good and very interesting harmonies in the rest of the song. i liked the variety of instruments used. i've no idea what you could do to improve it because theres so much going on, maybe replace the breakdowns with a more interesting riff.

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