I'm 15, I'm the lead guitarist in a hard rock/heavy metal band, we just started but im the ONLY one in the band besides the rhythm guitarist, with ANY talent WTF am I supposed To DO!!!
hmm, how do you know you have talent?

Well, you could either dissovle the band and try and find some new members to form a new band while retaining the rhythm player, or you could train up the membrs of your currnet band.

Or you could go and find some more expereinced musos and see if they are interested in taking you into an existing band.
How long have you been playing? Because I hate to tell you this, but if it's been under a year, you suck. I don't care to sugarcoat it, but I've seen it a million times: kid gets guitar. Kid learns basics. Kid thinks he's the ****. Kid actually sucks. So don't be so quick to pass judgment on the talents of others.
Well just hope that everybody else is willing to strive to get better. Set a good example, show that you're always practising and working hard for the band and everyone else will (hopefully) follow. Remember that most school bands will just disintegrate before they get anywhere, so don't try straining any relations by being the big fish in a little pond.

Oh yeah and on this forum, NEVR say you have talent. You're better off saying that you're an accomplished player but the rest of the band are begginers, this way you're less likely to seem big headed.

Good luck with the band!