im having some troubles with my 120 watt peavey tube 2 12. i was playing guitar yesterday and my amp started to get quieter and quieter, and it got to the point that with the vol at 10, it was at a loud practice volume. it was the same today. i checked the tubes and all 4 power tubes are lit, but i did also hear a loud pop (before checking tubes). the power tubes seem old so im assuming that the preamps are as well. then the amp got loud again. then the vol dropped to nothing for about 10 seconds then came back fully. then it dropped to nothing and stayed that way. so i turned off the amp, let it cool for half an hour, turned it on and it was fine...can someone explain what the hell is goin on? how do i tell if i need new tubes? does it sound like i do?
It does sound to me like one's frying. How old are they? They "seem" old?
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well when i bought the amp about 8 months ago (used) i checked it all out, and the tubes are some chinese/asian tubes. one of those languages. 6L6GC's. they LOOK old is what i mean, ive never seen brand new tubes in person, but these are unmarked, have some discolouration on the glass... i dunno, to my untrained eye they seem old. my guess is stock tubes, and this is a mid 90s amp.

EDIT: anyone else got any suggestions? would it be smart to go ahead and buy new tubes?
new tubes and have a tech look it over...could be a power supply cap dying or something too.
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Don't do to eurotubes, bad company. Every other tube site in the world sells JJs for the same price and doesn't have an asshole running the compnay.

It sounds like power tubes, preamp tubes last longer so those might still be fine, probably worth it to buy some spares just in case.
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would it be smart to go ahead and buy new tubes?

Yes, since you suspect they are all old original tubes, do the preamp and power tubes.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
really ive heard good things about eurotubes, they were very knowledgeable in their emails. plus they have the exact retube kit im looking for (high gain kit) because my lead channel lacks grit right now. and because i dont know much about tubes i wouldnt know what to request from someone else.
High gain tubes don't have anymore gain than normal tubes. I'm not saying bob doesn't know his stuff, but you can buy the exact same stuff from any other site and not be limited to JJs (which aren't bad tubes, but they aren't the end all be all).
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
well i dunno, there was one preamp tube that was balanced while the rest were "high gain" that was supposed to give the amp more grit. and im really only looking at JJs because I've heard some good things about them and that theyre pretty cheap compared to others ive seen.

EDIT: but in that case, could you recommend some brands to me that aren't utter crap? ive heard the winged C tubes are good, groove tubes, ruby tubes as well. tung-sol and the new svetlana are the same thing apparently. im also on a budget so cheaper is better. ive also heard things about tubes not working in cathode something or other? whats with that? how do I know if my amp has that?

EDIT 2: ive been browsing on musiciansfriend and im liking the looks of ruby tubes. many good reviews, sounds like what im looking for. any opinions. i need 4 12ax7's and 4 6L6's.