Ok, so Feb 20th is my birthday and my parents are taking me to guitar center to pick stuff out. What I'm looking for is a new amp, maybe a new guitar if i can eek that much money out of my parents. So im focusing on the amp seeing as thats usually considered the best upgrade here as far as i can see. Currently I have a Line 6 spider III. I know that that's despised here pretty much and after using my schools amps I despise it too. It was my first amp and i didnt even know much about guitar when i got it. So I was looking for suggestions on some amps to consider or ask about when I get there. I mostly play Metal and high gain stuff. I'd say consider Metallica at the low end of the spectrum in terms of how brutal it gets. I've probably got about 800-1000$ to work with here in terms of budget.

Thanks in advance.
you should check what used gear they have at GC? they might have a 5150/6505 combo in that price range. you could also check out a randall RG50TC, theres lots of used stuff you could score in that range

EDIT: a krank rev jr pro halfstack would be perfect

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dude feb 20 is my bday too, im gettin a les paul, a boss me -50 and a peavy windsor half stack from various relatives