So I'm confused.. Say an amp has these controls. The standby switch says stand-by at the bottom and on at the top. Then next to it, thee is a main power switch that says on and off. Do I turn on the Standby to on before turning on the power? or do I put the stand-by on stand-by before turning it on. Or do I put the main power on first then turn the on , on the stand-by switch or the stand by on the stand-by switch.. Sorry for being confusing, haha I just don't get it.
switch off to on first, then wait at least 30 sec then standby to on
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Leave the Standby on standby, turn the amp's power from off to on, wait anywhere from 30 sec. to 2 minutes (depending on the temperature), and then turn the standby switch to on. When you're done, turn the standby switch from on to standby, then turn the amps power from on to off. No need to wait, it's just a good idea to be in the habit of leaving your amp in standby for when you turn in back on.
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