i don't know if i posted this before but it's old. i figured i may as well post something old just for the hell of it. so tear this apart and leave links. it's always appreciated. thanks.

"no titles for any of my pieces anymore I"

Everybody gets lost sometimes, everybody thinks about things too much, and everybody dreams too much. We can bury ourselves underneath anything that'd make us feel better, but it's only momentary; some people just have a tough time getting past that part. You know, there's a difference between "help" and "hope". People who want help will do everything they can to bring attention to themselves, and people who hope only hope that nobody notices anything. Some people will make up the worst excuses in order to get the best of themselves, and some people will only get worse. Some people are delusive, as others tend to elude; any delusional people will try their best to see things for what they are, but they're failures. The elusive won't even make an attempt at that, making them even worse failures, but who's at fault?

Everybody. Every body. You don't have to breathe to understand things, but don't hold your breath on living a life worth living. And don't hold your breath trying to understand everything; you'll only be pretending. The differences between failures and certain commitments are that those who committed actually believed in something, they just didn't hold a concept of anything. There's nothing for us after we pass, only tarnished memories and distorted dreams. We are only some bodies occupying any given place that isn't quite crowded enough, and we'll still do our damndest to hold on to more space than the others by any means necessary. And we'll still end up burying ourselves underneath everything that'd make us feel better. Every body gets lost sometimes, and it's a lost cause trying to understand it.
This was rather depressing.
Your observations did seem to link to a central theme, but were disjointed from one another most of the time. I think working on connecting different ideas to another could make this seem like more of a piece and less of a journal entry.

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