MIM Standard Satin Strat

Stock everything

Its in used condition with some little paint chips in the back but the guitar is a great player! Stays in tune very well and is very resonant. Its one of the 'gems' of the MIM strats. Im selling it because i cant really connect to it. Its becoming a problem with me and new guitars lol I really want to trade for either a Telecaster or a Kramer Striker. Or maybe something like it. If you want to pay cash, $270 buys it and ships it. More pics upon request. Ive also got references. Money Order please!

btw, this is the one i want. $270 for the strat so i can pick this up if no one wants to trade

Location? I know a guy that might be interested, but he has no account here.
My friend's in California... I'll point him to this and see if he's interested.