Hey, well for a buisness project i have to do a biography on an entrepreneur and i was wondering if i could do Les Paul? Is he an entrepreneur or just the designer of the Les Paul guitar?

He pretty much invented the semi-hollow body guitar, and mutli track recording, so yeah...
Les Paul is an innovator, not an entrepreneur.
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He invented the 'Les Paulveriser', haha, there's a video on youtube for it.
Ask your Business teacher.
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He is incredibly Innovative and created things like multitrack recording. but definitely not an entrepreneur in the sense that someone like Gene Simmons is.
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He's an inventor and a musician... i wouldn't call him an entrepreneur.

this. but perhaps leo fender would suffice? i mean, he was an inventor also, but he founded the Fender brand. that's pretty much what an entrepreneur does...
he started a business. therefore, he is an entrepreneur. i suggest you look up the word first...
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he started a business. therefore, he is an entrepreneur. i suggest you look up the word first...

Yes i know what an entrepreneur is, but he doesnt really have a businnes. He invented the les paul, but gibson owns the guitar and are a businness.

I sure ****ing hope he is though because i just wrote up a massive report on him
Do some 5 mins research and find out?? Isn't that the point of a project.

Get a couple ideas do some preliminary research and choose the best topic and do more research.
He didn't start a business or anything, he invented some stuff.
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yep he's an inbventor.
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