"Arrested for driving while blind in 1998."

"That lil' ol' ZZ Top cover band from Hamburg..."

Since 1980 this blues rock trio from Hamburg has mainly covered songs by ZZ Top, but also Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Cream, Bryan Adams, Queen, The Police and other German blues rock acts, so that's longer than the originals do them most of the time... ;-)

A repertoire list is available at Last.fm with original tracks and on the Bluezz Bastardzz homepage as a PDF file. There you can also find a playlist with older demo recordings. Just click on the link, and your browser should play them automatically. Bookers, organizers, press etc. can download these band infos in a PDF file with band picture, biography and technical rider for the stage setup.

Bluezz Bastardzz in the new millennium:
Clicking the UK banner on the homepage leads to the English site summary, but there are Bluezz Bastardzz pages on Myspace, YouTube, Last.fm, Facebook and Twitter as well now with live videos, new and remixed demo songs, band pictures, blogs, and the next gigs.

Here's an example from our gig at the barn in Dänschendorf on the isle of Fehmarn - "Thunderbird" by ZZ Top. We started the Christmas party of the Fehmarn Festival Group on Nov 24th, 2007 with this one, and their president JJ announced us. They organize the free open air Jimi Hendrix Revival festival on Fehmarn each year.

Hans-Jürgen Bardenhagen
Maschener Schützenstr. 14
DE-21220 Seevetal
Tel.: +49 4105 85048 or +49 1520 460 6656
Email: bluezzbastardzz@arcor.de
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