Okay, this is my first time posting any of my lyrics, so plz be kind

constructive criticism would be awesome.

without further adue.

No Feeling, No Healing.

If I meant nothing (mean nothing to you),
Why did I waste my time,
Why bother to revive what dead,
And put on a plastic smile,
Im not coming back to see you so cry all you like,
In this scenario there is no wrong-verse

Lead it away, out of the room,
Your dignity's already gone,
If your fast you might just get it back, You needed a ****,
I needed a friend so when is this gonna end,
Leave what’s done and mourn what’s dead!-pre

These sorrow filled screams can’t escape me,
So I leave, your gone with him so I can see,
Your lies I don’t believe, so let’s get down to the new scene....-chorus

Take a life, and take one for his team,
Lost inside but friends still cheer,
When I go, do you think that I didn’t know?
And it was the kiss that made the fires rise,
Now you can always wear your disguise- verse 2

And you meant more then nothing, ill tell you truth,
It ruined what once was to see you,
So in the eclipse of his hate filled finger tips,
Take his hand and take my knife, have his dance and have my life-Break
I dont think "i need a fried so when is this gonna end" is a particularly good sentence and lets down the rest of the verse it is in. You should take out "you needed a ****" as it seems ugly and out of place with the rest of the song .

I love the break and it is a perfect way to end the song. Just one note you mis-spelt "than"
But that aside it is a very good first piece and i hope to see more .

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