Seems that I'm in a bit of a pickle, I haven't been playing bass for a long time
But I seem to have lost the passion or motivation I used to have. And something
I didn't think I'd ever say, I seem to 'wanna play an electric guitar all the time.
I pick up my bass and sometimes think, man I wish I had an electric and could play
that... Uhhh so ashamed haha. I want my old motivation back. Maybe I'm not
a bass player after all What do you guys think I should do? I think
part of whats destroying my passion I used to have is that I dislike been under
appreciated haha and well, lets face it. That happens a bit as a bass player.
And I am into hardcore/punk sorta music mostly, the bass lines are fairly basic.
Easy as fretting, played fast.. Kinda boring. Electric guitar seems so glamorous
But then again the grass probably isn't greener on the other side..

I hope this is the right spot for this. Really sorry if it's not. Just say so if it's not
and I shall move it to where ever this belongs.
It's OK all (me at least ) fellow bass players experience this sorta stuff at some point or another. I went through a stage of playing acoustic guitar all the time for about a year and then got back into bass. I just got into guys like Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller more which made me think "Man I wish I could play that good".

I hope that helps
Find some more inspiring music. And no, punk/hardcore electric guitar isn't more glamorous. It's just wailing on powerchords.
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December 14, 2017
i know what you feel like, im there too. but sometimes i get my inspiration and go back to the beloved bass.i dont know, it'll pas. Dont go to the dark side! you must remain a bass player!

tip:try learning the bass from the theme song of Seinfeld's
Try listening to music where bass is more of a lead instrument or is more prominent in the mix, so you get more of an appreciation of what can be done. Typical genre would be funk, where bass gets generous EQ allowances, but for hardcore or punk, try bands like Rancid or The Ghost of A Thousand where the bass is further up in the mix.
If you then bring those kinds of ideas to the band table, you can start to play lines where you feel more appreciated.
And if you ever feel the tenor calling, remember this Wootism: "What is it that makes people dance? Tone."
All the clubs have massive subwoofers, and they make you dance with tone, and no guitar has that.
Yeah I been looking for something to inspire me and stuff. No luck this week..
I used to be pretty motivated when hearing/seeing some of Flea's bass lines
and other great bassists. Just not working for me anymore unfortunately.

So many of these bass lines are so boring, Hammering away on the E string
the whole song some times, only using like 4 or 5 frets.. And I really dislike picking
bass strings, but that's the only way to get the tone I need.

Would an electric guitar ruin my bass amp? I've heard a bass will bust an electric
amp after a while. I figure a bass amp wouldn't be able to pull off the high pitch
stuff of an electric guitar. Just a question out of my curiosity.
learn some protest the hero bass..
you will be having enough glamour then.
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Without meaning to tread on your muscial tastes, theres plenty out there where the music does more. See if you can find more rock and roll band where you can play John Entwistle, John Paul Jones or Geezer Butler style lines.

Vis a vis the guitar seeds creeping into your bass garden, yes you can play a guitar through a bass amp. Apparently it provides quite a thick, heavy tone, but I havent tried so wouldnt know.
Yeah, It's fine. We all have our own opinions on musical genres
but I do see hardcore as a lot more than just music. Hard to explain
but that's not relevant now anyway. And I will look up some protest
the hero. There is a few hardcore/punk bands that I like the bass
lines in and where the bass does stand out more and seems to be
more appreciated, I hope that I can kinda bring something new and
maybe a bit more exciting to the local scene, bass wise. But right now
I'm not the best bassist around haha, I'm still a bit of a beginner.

How hard are protest the hero's songs? Could you please recommend some.

And I can't really go over to the darkside, I'm heaps broke haha, Even
if I wanted to I couldn't afford and electric, I can't even afford a new bass
amp which I desperately need haha.

And I think I will look into some other genres I haven't yet and at some
bassists I haven't heard much of, hopefully that will gimme that kick I need.
Take a break for a week or two, seriously. And youll be so much more into after woulds.
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It's not about musical taste or whatever, i know there are many other great bass players and other genre's where bass is more accentuated.

The TS is into hardcore and i think PTH is not very far from that genre (at least they used to be)
The point is that Arif (bass player of pth) is a great bass player.
You should try out Blindfolds aside, Seqouia throne, The divine suicide of K...
actually any song of them, they're not easy. But you gotta push yourself if you want to make progress.

You could also look up some older The human abstract songs.
they have some nice bass lines as well.

anyway good luck..
And don't give up..
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