One more new song from my band. Do I really need to say more other then its called "Vampire Stripper"?

Didn't think so.

to the myspace

And check out "Black Sheep" too, its only a minute and thirty seconds long so why not right? And add us on myspace if you like.
I love all them songs you've got up on your myspace.
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Another great song dude, I liked that a lot. The first vocal line made me laugh. I really liked the heavy part with the bends in the middle, and the lead at the very end was well done too. Cool riffs and vocals throughout.

Keep it up dude!
cool dude, great song. funny lyrics. I like the heavy bridge part (i think it's the bridge), and the clean intro too. Really good song overall, though.

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I really like the more mellow parts, as well as the background guitar melodies. Just good riffs/structure all around, really.

Maybe do something different vocally during the mellower parts. Like sing way lower, hold your notes out longer, or have huge-reverbed black metal screams. Haha just throwing out ideas, they're probably retarted though.

Got a nice creepy feel to it though!

EDIT: Just realized...you might not be the vocalist. Haha I'm so dumb.
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Well I'm not the vocalist for that particular song haha but he'll be reading this at some point so feel free to throw out any ideas you have lol
I like the guitar intro but what's up with the tone? The panning doesn't sound too nice and the guitar on the left sounds pretty atrocious. The heavy chorus sounds good but the left channel guitar sounds out-of-place again. Now, I'm trying to figure out if there's a bass here... At least I can't hear it. The vocals were okay. All in all, this needs to be re-mixed: bass higher in the mix, fix the tones on the guitars and scrap the guitar on the left channel.
Thanks for the crit!

I like this, interesting stuff! Some nice riffs there, like the chorus too.

Black sheep is pretty cool too, although they would both be so much better with better guitar tone. I think the vocals go well with this type of music too. I could definetly hear the system of a down influence there too haha.

Nice job. =]