Band Wanted!! (4-5 piece)

Hi! My name is Cliff Roebuck and I live in (the middle of nowhere) Courtland, VA. I am within an hour’s driving distance of Virginia Beach and Richmond where I perform most often. I have been pursuing a career in music and performing original music for over 8 years. I prefer playing my own original music but do enjoy playing covers on occasion. My influences are pretty broad but I would like to describe my own music with the following adjectives: indie, alternative, pop, epic, melodic, dynamic, rock. I have been solo for quite awhile but am realizing more and more that my music deserves a band in order for each song to reach its fullest potential. Please visit my website: [www.desiremusic.net] and check out my music and bio to get an idea of what I’m all about.

I would like to find a group of incredibly talented musicians who have flexible schedules and able to tour if the opportunity presents itself. Otherwise, destinations such as Hampton Roads, Richmond, Lynchburg, and Outer Banks Carolina are some places I enjoy performing that are within reasonable distance.

Some of my favorite bands/artists whom I feel have influenced and inspired me and my music the most are: John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, delirious, Jamestown Story, Article One, MuteMath, Relient K, Virginia Beach natives: Fall of Transition and Mae, Lakeland, FL natives: The Icarus Account, Jars of Clay, David Crowder Band, delirious, Ryan Cabrera, Bebo Norman, Starfield, Cartel, Anberlin, and many more.

Ok so this is what I’m hoping to find in potential band mates:

-Born again Christians who love Jesus Christ!!

Note: My music is not always religiously expressive but I strive to change lives through my music and be influential in that regard.

-Solid understanding of music theory is a plus!

Note: I have a basic understanding but I’d love to meet someone who can teach me more!

-I would love to find another great male vocalist to share lines with and provide background harmony

Note: I have a pretty broad vocal range and I believe I’m tenor and I’m looking for another vocalist that shares a similar quality.

-If said persons also have their own material and write songs that would be great too! I love to co-write and experiment with new ideas!

-Electric lead/rhythm guitarist/vocalist

Note: I’m a born acoustic player and I want to find someone who plays electric predominately. Having your own amp(s) and an array of pedals is definitely a plus. I also would like for this person to be flexible and play acoustic sometimes in the event of an acoustic set. I would prefer this person be the 2nd vocalist out of any other person in the band because in the event that the band can’t make it to a show at least we can both sing and play acoustic.


Note: I want my music to be powerful and the drummer is a very large part of making this happen. I definitely like a drummer who can break the mold of basic patterns and perceive where additional improv can be utilized in the use of more high hat, ride, toms, etc. I love a drummer who has a keen since of time and can achieve those 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 beats without sounding like he’s trying too hard. Check out MuteMath and Article One for good examples of this.

-Bass/Cello/Double Bass/vocalist

Note: I’m looking for an innovative bassist who is capable of playing more than just the roots at the whole notes of each measure. If this said bass player also plays cello or double bass that would be a MAJOR plus. I absolutely love the cello!


Note: My primary instrument is acoustic guitar but I do play some piano on occasion. I would like to find someone who can complement my music without being overly dominant. I want someone who could also create an ambience that would fill the cracks of the rhythm and provide a solid foundation.


-Live in the Hampton Roads/Richmond, VA area with a reasonably flexible schedule that would allow extensive time for playing shows and rehearsal.
-Between 18-25 years of age.
-Extensive experience playing in a band and touring a plus
-Persons who are PASSIONATE about music! Live, breathe, and eat music!
-People who don’t mind receiving constructive criticism. I’m kind of picky but I’m also very open to suggestions and experimentation.
-People who will share in the expenses and understand that it’s due in their participation.
-People who don’t expect to get paid but enjoy it just because they love music!

I would like to meet any interested parties personally somewhere we can basically have a jam session and feel each other out musically. Below is the studio I am currently recording at and is definitely an option as a rehearsal space when I do have a band to rehearse with. However, this does involve an hourly rate so if you have another option for rehearsal let me know and we can meet there. Otherwise we can split the very reasonable hourly rate and use the PA equipment available there.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me!

Cliff Roebuck

Studio/Rehearsal Space:

City Sound Media
2509 Encounter Court, Suite 102
VaBeach, VA 23453
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-Born again Christians who love Jesus Christ!!

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