Bux.to - Money for just 10min. a day

Bux.to is an advertising system. But not like Adsense and Adbrite - it pays to its users to visit the ads.

- Because it's much cheaper than any other service.
- The people have to look at the ad for 30sec. and if they like something - they buy it.

Through the years the phrase "Make Money Online" became like a myth - no one believes to it anymore. There are hundreds of sites that don't pay - just lie to their users, but Bux.to isn't like them.
I was sceptic when I joined too

It was like "to check if it works". My friends had signed and wanted me to become their referral - so I did it. And I'm happy about that. The funny thing is that my friends quit - but I am still making money there.
Why did they quit?

We're not talking about "Get rich quickly" here. We're talking about a program which needs patience. You should be serious, and know that nothing good happens "in a blink of an eye". So I guess here is the moment to ask you:
Dear guest of this blog, if you feel that the information is too much for you to read it, or you think constancy and seriousness are not the best parts of you - Bux.to is not for you.

You think now: What about the 10 minutes?

Okay. Here is how the system works:

- Every day on Bux.to are listed about 10links to sites - ads. You should click on all of them - one by one - and wait 30 sec. to watch each page.
- For every page view you get $0.01, so for 10links a day - $0.10, for a month - $3.00. But don't get disappointed, we haven't reached the good part yet. You can make $500.
- The referrals - they are the key thing here. You should tell about this site to your family and friends. I'll even permit you to copy the content of this blog, and make your own page. You'll just have to keep the link to my page (http://buxto-money.blogspot.com), and change to your referral link of course. So about the referrals -
You get 100% of all the money they make

So, if you have 1 serious referral you'll make $6 a month. That's why I said that it takes time before you start making real money. Make the calculations if you have 20 = $60 from them and $3 from you = 63$
Now if you have 100 referrals you can make 300$ a month! I'll explain you in some of the next posts how to get more referrals. And remember the man who is your referral does not lose anything from you!
I believe now you have the answer of the question "Why did he make this site".

If this information is enough for you to start, please do it through my referral link (you will get a benefit for creating account by my link too) :

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