Okay so i've ALLWAYS been using 10-46 string gauge on my SG, but recently i've been playing some dropped tuning with it. That's not really a big deal since the strings don't behave any weirder than what they would have done in standard tuning. But anyway, my question is: What do you think is the "normal" string gauge for a SG, and what do you think i the heaviest gauge a SG could take without having to adjust the guitar?

Still kinda newbie here and i've never gotten these questions answered before.

Thanks guys!
there isn't really a normal strings gauge. but I believe the Epiphone G400 comes with 0.010's.
as for the heaviest gauge, you probably need to adjust it a little bit with every change of string gauge.
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personally i use 46-9 since its easier to bend the e string... but it all comes down to personal preference up to a certain point. I mean i read somewhere that SRV used huge stings and he played a strat...
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The only problem with the SG's is the lack of neck support, so you don't want to put anything too heavy on in fear of warping the neck.

I use .11-.52 on my G-400, but I like to feel my strings, I don't think I'd go any higher for the above reason. But for example, if I had a strat, i would use somthing like .11-.60.

EDIT - All of the above is for standard/drop D, but if you were planning on doing anything lower, I would use a larger gauge.
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Im new to playing to, but when I changed gauges on my strat I had to do so adjustments on the tremelo to compensate for them. I would imagine you would have to adjust any guitar for different gauge strings. I dont think there is any normal gauge strings just whatever your preference. Vaughn played with heavy gauge and Slash plays 9 and up gauge. As far as limits go as heavy as you want and can play them but Im sure adjusts while have to me made. I have noticed the heavy the string the thicker the tone is but I guess thats kinda straight forward anyway newbie to newbie thats all I know.
hey dude ,i think (for me) that 9 gauge strings really work for me , you can bend really high with out snapping .and lower gauge isnt wimpy , tony iommi uses 7 or 8 gage strings and he is the father of metal
Iommi used lower gauged strings along with Eb tuning for good reason, his finger's tips were chopped off in a Birmingham factory.
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