Not bad dude! I liked the drumming and the rhythm guitar. If you programmed the drums you did a nice job on them. Around 1:00 till the clean break was really cool- good riffs and nice and heavy. I thought the lead should have done a badass solo, though if you were to add vocals it would probably be alright as you have it.

Overall this is good for a demo, keep going man!

first off, you are writing some good stuff here! There is a lot of potential here for an awesome song with lyrics and all!
For a solo, just keep repeating this and playing along until you get something going. And if you need to, just be totally wank and mess around for a little bit!
The minor harmonies are awesome, and would fit in really good with like screaming or yelling or something. I am kind of getting a BTBaM vibe off of this... I love it! keep the good work up!

comment on the page or my mp3 section your choice, and feel free to add me!
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