Hi guys, I've only been playing guitar for about 3 months, so I probably won't play (as far as practicing goes) the lap tapping style until I get the basics down; but I still think it is interesting.

I was wondering what would be the best tuning for playing chords if I were lap tapping. I was doing a little research, and it seems that usually open tunings (something like drop D iirc) are used for two handed tapping. The problem is, that gives the chords a more vertical orientation on the fret board (which would be great if i still had the guitar in the standard position) but what would be best If I had the guitar lying across my lap?

Based on the tunings I've looked at, a straight fourths tuning would be best for melody, but any suggestions for melody based tunings would be appreciated too.
you could try an open C tuning. ive done it with that before and it sounds pretty good. plus ive heard people do it with that tuning. ive heard to use open F too but ive never done that either. you could try a DADGAD type tuning as well. this one guy i knew used a tuning that was like a open C minor 9 with another added note that i cant remember. that sounded pretty cool. just try to figure out an interesting chord and turn it into an open tuning. i suggest doing it in low tunings like C though. so like open C, C minor, DADGAD but tuned down to C, etc... that way you have some good low end to go with the melody and harmonics.