I just joined a ska band, and I have literally no experience with ska bass. I learned one song, Mr. Smiley by Mustard Plug for the audition, but other than that I have nothing. Any ideas on how to build ska bass lines and chord progressions? Or am I in the completely wrong section...
Try the Bass forum.

As for help, I'm not hugely clued up on Ska, but alot of what I've heard has some form of walking bassline in them, so make sure you look them up

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It depends on what kind of ska you play.......for skatalites for example Reggea bass could fit, which basically means you can play whereever you want just not on the beat or the offbeat just somewhere between anywhere (that was exaggerated).....

ska punk........look on the Gang Control bass tabs by Leftover Crack, that´s not so much ska, but it´s still a decent example.........

walking bass always fits it.......chord progressions......just "normal" ones, pick a key and play