Actually I'd just be interested in where and how you write your songs or lyrics , I think acually the place of writing might have impact on the songs , actually I'd claim that some places are more or less inspiring than others. Working on this issue for a psychology thesis for university, but I'm also personally very interested in this topic as I think maybe you can learn some new thoughts of how and where to write and maybe improove he songs this way.

I myself like writing riffs/licks sitting in my room in winter or on the balcony in summer and just messing around with my guitar, also I enoy smoking shisha while writing music.

Concerning Lyrics I basically write in two places, the first one is my bed . best possibility to concentrate in there , but the main cause is that there is no pc around. The second place is writing in the train which I personally prefer because I'd say you can get some very well ideas watching out of the window and just thinkin'.

Enough of me , how about you , where so you write your lyrics? Are there any things that you definitly cannot have around while writing music?

Intrested in any kind of answer
after ive made love, the lyrics are happy.
after ive been heartbroken, the lyrics are sad.

thats all i notice
riffs/what not- they just seemly pop in and out of my head almost anywhere
lyrics- usually when i'm working, therefore i don't get a chance to write them down, also, sometimes right after i'm done watching is movie or tv show as well
I bang out riffs when it's super quiet. If there's noise in the house then it's ruined.

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I didnt have anything planned out, and I didn't know **** about improvising, so it was like "OH SHI- SOLO TIME" so I kerry-kinged it.
I usually come up with stuff while just wandering around, in which case I'll just write them wherever I can. If I'm in my room, then it's notepad. Otherwise, it's often on a scrap piece of paper, or as a message on my phone.
Riffs and stuff - Usually in my room or at a band practice.

Lyrics - What I like to do when I write lyrics is just sit down with a pen and the paper and turn everything off except for the lights in the room. So then it's just me, the paper, and whatever thoughts want to come through my head. Unless it's one of those moments where a surge of inspiration hits me. Then, it can be just about anywhere.
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Where do you write your Songs/Lyrics?
On a piece of paper.
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Riffs - Usually I try to get what's on my head; other times it just happens when I'm jamming, and suddently I find out a riff that sounds somewhat cool to me.

Lyrics - I usually write about human relationships, human mind and somehow everyday situations. Lines come to my mind inexplicably and I usually write at home in front of the pc or during classes... Rarely I get up in the middle of the night just to write something that clicks out of nowhere.
seriously, my best stuff comes during school when i should be paying attention to the teacher. something will pop into my head and im like "whoa, i gotta write that down" then before i know it the class is over and im almost done with a song
I usually write in the same setting as when I actively absorb the music I'm listening to... In my small apartment, burning incense, feeling relaxed. On the other hand, I never succeed in writing during band practice.
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