is this possible, and if so what would i need to do, ie, angle neck ?

This is for a guitar that i am building, so any help would be apreciated., Oh and also what are your thoughts on strat style necks versus les paul style necks, any feedback would be helpful, thankyou
The only real consistent difference between Strat and Les Paul necks (beside number of frets) is scale length. So long as you get your measurements right, you can use any bridge you like.
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it should not be a problem, i'd say, go for it.
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id recess the bridge instead of doing a neck angle much easier
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thanks for the quick replys, at risk of sounding really stupid though why does the neck need to be angled back with a t o m bridge?
So that the strings are parrallel with the fretboard. Because the TOM is high the strings would get further and further away from the frets as you get closer to the bridge.
^ Well its not so that the strings are parrallel to the fretboard, most guitars have an action that gets higher nearer the bridge.

It is because TOM bridges are in general taller than strat style bridges, hard tails, trems etc and there for you get landed with much bigger action, and so a neck angle lowers the nut in relation to the bridge and you get better action.

The alternative to a neck angle is recessing the TOM which means that the TOM sits below the surface of the body and so its height is accounted for.

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Another thing- most Tune-O-Matic bridges are designed for a neck with a 12" radius
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