Saw that there isn't a thread about them.


Give me fire, their new album they released yesterday is plain awesome. Actually, all albums except perhaps Never Seen the Light of the Day is awesome.

Any other who likes them?
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I'm not a huge fan, but I listen to them every once in a while. I've got the album Hurricane Bar. Its pretty good.
indeed. in my opinion they are one of the best bands around these days.
all albums, except never seen the light of day were amazing, with give me fire being quite a few notches higher than usual.
They are really good! crazy good live too. But do not like their new album so much . Bring 'em in is best according to me!
Yeah, Bring 'Em In definitely the best. Got a bit techno on certains tracks from Give Me Fire, (particularly the obvious one), but very good nonetheless.

Check this out:

Tell me what you think. Ratings/comments/requests much appreciated.
I feel this deserves a bump. Adore Give Me Fire. Who's heard the MTV Unplugged?