To comply with the rules, I had to wait a whole 24 hours before posting another song lol, second song this week, so now I have to wait like 6 more days, but anyway here is another song "This Apocalypse"!

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i like it
Lady Gaga if you're out there, i don't care if you have a penis or not, i will marry you
It's pretty good but it isn't too interesting (g-g#-g-g#-g-g#-g-g#-...)
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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.
Liked the drums and the overall song, but not the shreddy parts of the solo and the fact that there's a lot of repetition in the riffs.
No thanks.
The drums were absolutly terrible.
The guitar was boring.
The riffs were way, way too simple.
None of the solo fit.
The right channel-ness kinda blew chunks, too.

What the fuck with the bridge?
But, it's better then alot of the stuff in here.

Work on it, bro.
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