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To comply with the rules, I had to wait a whole 24 hours before posting another song lol, second song this week, so now I have to wait like 6 more days, but anyway here is another song "This Apocalypse"!

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i like it
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It's pretty good but it isn't too interesting (g-g#-g-g#-g-g#-g-g#-...)
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Liked the drums and the overall song, but not the shreddy parts of the solo and the fact that there's a lot of repetition in the riffs.
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No thanks.
The drums were absolutly terrible.
The guitar was boring.
The riffs were way, way too simple.
None of the solo fit.
The right channel-ness kinda blew chunks, too.

What the fuck with the bridge?
But, it's better then alot of the stuff in here.

Work on it, bro.
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