So my band has a radio/video interview coming up at like 2 today, and we play a live set for part of it.

Thing is:
I woke up this morning and my voice was hellla trife. Like its froggy, and nasaly. I sound sick. I can sing most of the notes, but its got a sick-sounding overtone. Also, I can't hit the high notes that i need to for the interview.

What are some quick remedies to clear up your throat and make your voice sound better?

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I stole someones joke there.

On topic, you could try Tunes.

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in the interview let the public know that you're in a middle of a cold, so people could understand? huh
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On topic, hot tea, make chicken noodle soup, ramen noodle, Or any hot slimy thing.
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Your voice is a trifle?

Eat it.


Surely wouldn't that make it worse?

Srsly: TS, eat your voice
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I've heard that using Anti-Snore spray or whatever the hell it is helps clear your throat. You can probably find it at any pharmacy.
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