anybody ever bought anything from this website

they have the schecter tempest left hand that I want to buy

but they have so many lefties that it seems too good to be true

and im not up for being scammed outta my hard earned cash!

so is it a legit site?

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lefties ftw.
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Sound Yugoslavian. Must be thieves.
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Never heard of it, but I know there exist stores that focus on guitars for lefties.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

hey mate...i´m a catalan lefty that wanted a schecter 7 strings and yhe spanish
distributor is horrible.if you are lefty,just f#=]k you!!!
but i wanted my schecter anyway,´cause in spain you can´t find just 3 o 4 models of guitars just in one colour and you got to accept it.so i discovered adirondack guitars,from the state of new york and in just 10 days i recived my little princess.just
be aware with the tax the government will want you to pay,´cause you´re going to import a product that they supose is not necessary to import it.(i payed,in spain,101 euros of tax,around 95 pounds...)