Hey, hows it going, I got a couple questions. I just started playing the guitar about a month - 2 months ago. I bought a Takamine Jasmine, its a great guitar, but the action is kind of high compared to other guitars I have seen. IS it possibly to lower the action with the strings still on the guitar?

I have another question - this could be because of the high action, but not. I am having worlds of trouble barring chords. It seems I have to put to much effort into cleanly barring with the first finger that its near impossible to place other fingers down without messing up the barre. Is this just typical beginners problems or could it be the action?

any help would be great!
Heya (;

You can lower the action by lowering your bridge.
Its kinda confusing at the beginning so a tech could help you.

The barre chords are hard at the beginning but you'll get used to it.
Just keep practicing. (;

Have fun with your guitar (;

- Zyl
One thing to keep in mind with barre chords is NOT to force yourself to get the sound to come out clean, because it can severely injure you when you're first starting out. In fact, since you've only been playing a couple months, I'd say they aren't important at this point in time.
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Yeah I have heard they arent too important right out the bat... but I have been practicing the pentatonic minor scale and bar chords go great with the minor pentatonic, so I am kinda stuck just knowing the scale and not being able to play any chords into it.... if that makes any sense... haha