I cant find a complete and fully correct tab for Purple haze solo (ofcourse i mean purple haze by jimi hendrix)
If you got it,please post it/link to it.
1. Go to www.ultimate-guitar.com
2. Type "Purple Haze" into the search box.
3. Click on the Purple Haze tab by J.H. that has the highest rating.
4. ???
5. PROFIT!!!
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Oh well if your from austrailia then grades shudn't matter considering your just gonna grow up to be ol' stevie erwin eh?!

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i know about it very well,but that solo doesnt sound as it should for me.
Maybe you should tab it yourself, this is a give and take two-lane highway you know.
im a beginner and i highly doubt i can tab anything.
thats why im asking for help