Hi, I have been playing for about a year and a half, and I wanted to ask this question. My teacher has me alternate pick scales and stuff, but thats not the alt picking im talking about.

For just plain fast picking, are there picks that make it easier to do this because of thickness or other stuff etc...? I was just wondering because this is a technique that I am trying to learn.

Picks are a personal thing; there's no perfect pick.

I used to use 3mm Dunlop Stubbies and recently switched to the much thinner 0.60mm Dunlops, which I find give a better tone when picking fast. It's all personal preference, though.
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Personal preference really.
Personally i find smaller and thicker picks easier for this sort of stuff... so i use Jazz III's
I either use 0.6 mm tortex or the JAZZ III's when alternate picking, I prefer the 0.6 mm picks though.

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if its a thicker pick just angle it more, if thin then your fine
i just use mediums and SLIGHTLY angle it.
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I use Sharpened Tortex 3's.
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A heavy with a pointy tip helps but not too pointy or the tone starts to suffer from too much attack. They are also a bit less versatile as changing the angle has less effect. I am still searching for the perfect pick. I like the tip to be very smooth, but it also has to last.
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"I used to use 3mm Dunlop Stubbies"


The "used to use" part indicating that I'm no longer using them
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It's all personal preference. I've been using Jazz IIIs since I started playing and I love them. The pointy tips and thickness just do it for me. I bought some tortex picks recently, 0.8 and 1.13 i believe and I have a much harder time playing fast with them. I just don't like stubby tips.
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Dunlop JAZZ III's all the way (Black Of Course)
Also Personal Preference.


They rule for that type of playing. Personally, I don't mind the reds
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It's funny, I'm starting to like the reds more now because they (seem to) last a lot longer than the blacks: sure, the blacks have better grip, but the red's grip doesn't bother me much, and if it did, I would just take a knife and make a checkerboard pattern on both sides to improve that.
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I use only Jazz III's. Any type will do really, but I can't actually use a standard sized pick anymore.

TS, try Jazz III's. Or something akin to them. Takes a bit to get used to, but they... are awesome.
I use the Jazz III for precision and single strings. Red and black seem about the same to me but the black are called "Stiffos" and are a little harder but the red are hard as they are already.

the Stubby and Big Stubby are also known to be liked among some.

Typically the thinner ones are a little harder to use for precision because they bend. Thicker ones would pick the string exactly when you want it to.

Dunlop Gator Grip are rather good too. They wont move as easily.

One of my favorite ones though are the Ultem or Ultex picks. I have one of the clayton ones. Its only .72 i think but its a lot stiffer than celluloid or tortex picks.
Yea the problem I am having with the Fender mediums is that when I try to do this, I either end up hitting more than one string, or I am not even hitting consistently, like there is no sound coming out. I have just heard that there are some ways to improve this and I did not know if picks were one of them.
I use Fender Heavys all the time, but medium picks seem good for faster alternate picking, because they have a slight bend, and light picks are just kinda flimsy in my opinion.
I used to use jazz III's, I still do but i found a thinner tortex that was shaped like a jazz III. I used it for a while and noticed i actually played more accurately with it. I tend to get a bit clumsy and hit more strings with jazz III's but it's controllable. I lost that tortex though and now i'm sad D:
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Just curious to the people who all said Jazz III's, which ones? There are like six different models.
I use the black Jazz III's. Small, great grip, long lasting, easy to change the angle of playing, and very precise. I used to use the 1.14 mm Gator Grips until I finally found a shop in my city which sold black Jazz III's (hard to believe that they're the only shop that sells them!)
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Picks are a personal thing; there's no perfect pick.

I used to use 3mm Dunlop Stubbies and recently switched to the much thinner 0.60mm Dunlops, which I find give a better tone when picking fast. It's all personal preference, though.

I'm with you there 100%

I use Jim Dunlope 3mm Stubbies.
For me the perfect pick is hard but not too hard, sharp and it doesn't have to be a big brand name, I don't have a clue what my picks are but they are great.
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I use either Jazz III's, or I found 1p piece works fantastically as a pick! I can alt pick easier with a penny than a pick...
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Just curious to the people who all said Jazz III's, which ones? There are like six different models.

There are ones that are more rounded, Jazz I being most rounded and Jazz III being pointy. Jazz II are somewhere in-between. There are the red ones that are normal and the black ones that are "Stiffos" and a little harder. I dont notice much of a difference between the black or the red.

Hope that helps. So there aren't exactly 6 models of "Jazz III" but there are different models of their "Jazz" picks.
I prefer my red Jazz III for pretty much anything.
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Red Jazz III's are my favored picks. Sure I could use different ones, but I've just grown very used to these and they get the results I want so why change?