I'm looking to sell it, it is a 2002 ESP LTC EC-100 not the quilted maple finish but a solid red/maroon finish. I paid 300 a few years ago for it at a daddy's junky music store. The guitar is in good shape with only one small knick on the top of the body.
$150 if you're lucky
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Well first off, you got ripped off. Those things go for $279.99 brand new (with the QM finish, regular is a bit cheaper). Since it's used, probably about $160, MAYBE $200 if you get lucky and find some desperate kid.
5 dollars?

seriously though, probably more around 100, 150 if your lucky.

You might as well just keep it
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this was a few years ago so the new price was high, but I know for the guitar I did get ripped off. I bought it used too which is even worse. But I was thinking $150. Would that be fair?
haha that was pretty funny. That has always been my problem I didn't know too much about what I was buying and the price always depreciated a ton. ( ex. Peavey windsor, line 6 spider 2, ect. ) Im getting 280 for an ovation i'm trading up at daddy's music so i'm hoping if I say i'm trading the acoustic up and selling this to them and I want a certian guitar I can reason with them for either a decent price on the new guitar or for a little more on the esp im trading in. Thanks for the input.