Hey UG, my punk band needs a new drummer. I've been playing drums for now but I'm much better at guitar and we need a drummer who actually knows what he's doing.

We're into a wide variety of punk and ska stuff (Dead Kennedys, the Queers, Minor Threat, Big D and the Kids Table, Sublime) and we have some grunge and metal influence.

We won't just give you a boring four-on-the-floor typical punk drum beat, we'll keep you nice and busy.

We aren't straight edge but we have no problem with it. We are anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobe.

We all live in the Lachine area, but would be willing to travel relatively short distances by public transportation (west-island or lasalle, etc).

If you're interested, PM me or email me at d_vosburgh@hotmail.com.
Good to see people in Montreal on UG. I'm not a drummer, just had to comment. =)
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****, you know I've been looking for a band like yours, but I live in Toronto and I play the bass!
Does your band have a myspace? I might check it out (but like you, I'm better at guitar then drums, but I'm still good)

Ps; is your band the commercial radio one from your signature? If so, then please ignore my post
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